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Artist Armor advocates for protection of the creative community. Read More

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There are a million highways and byways that can lead you down the wrong road. Your career deserves ArtistArmor where you can thrive in safety

ArtistArmor Verification© provides the Members a secure space they can trust

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Agents Publishers Managers Directors Producers from all corners of the creative community come to Artist Armor to find talent to promote & sell. ArtistArmor is the safe World‐Wide‐Hub.

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Too often members of the creative community have to trust others with their work and talent. Only ArtistArmor protects its' members using a secure system to verify users and is there for you when you need help.

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More than just a social connection but a unique way to connect to others that share the same creative interests and goals. Create or participate in an established special interest group.

Artist Connections & Resources

Member connections are important whether you're a seasoned professional or just breaking into a specific discipline. ArtistArmor membership gives you the power to reach out in safety or be in control to those who request to connect with you.


Artist Armor is the creation of media, labor and internet security professionals. Their personal experience in the creative community and the lack of a secure working environment to thrive is the reason for the creation of Artist Armor. Read More

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